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Fit is everything!

March 4, 2016

fit is everythingAsk any manager who has had to deal with a bad egg in their company what happened, and you’ll get an earful. If they work with people at all, and what manager doesn’t, they will have a store of examples of how much was achieved by having a good team, an even more of how disastrous a bad fit can really be. A manager needs a good team working under or for him.  When a project or service is promised clients, having everyone work together on the same page, getting along is critical.

Doesn’t fit in… 

There are consequences to a bad fit.  When a new or transferred person is put in place, it is vital that fit is taken into account.  Should you have a strong-willed manager, you don’t want meek easily-hurt people working under him or her.  I imagine they would quit pretty fast, and then you’d have to do it all over again.  If attention to detail is key in your company, one would certainly not want distracted inattentive staff.  Many things can go wrong… Upset people do not do their jobs well.

You need to know if the one you are getting going to clash with the existing scene.  Will they add to the environment through their actions?  Will this new person get along with your existing crew?  What about the person who is accident prone?  Or unpredictable?  Or just can’t learn what is expected.  Or doesn’t follow orders.

The art of the right fit

There’s a lot to consider in getting a smooth working environment, distraction free where all can just get on with it.  Our testing system can make all the difference, providing you with details not always evident at first glance or interview.  There’s a social veneer that many use when presenting themselves.

Take the time to ensure you get the right fit.  Test those you know and compare the results to those you are considering.  Do they match?  Do they mesh? Time and money spent on ensuring this will calm your nerves, make your future bright, and your bottom line viable.

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