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Would YOU know?

January 5, 2016



There you are, sitting in front of someone, considering him or her for a position.

Perhaps it is a candidate to be hired, or someone you want to head up a project or division in your organization. Even a seemingly small task requires the right person to head it, or you risk failure.

This person seems presentable, personable and they look good. First impressions or looks are always a good place to start, right?  But looks CAN be deceiving.

You also look at ability, experience and results. The person seems to have the skills necessary to do the job, even rather well. They may have the paperwork to support it.

Still, you can be tripped up by hidden aspects not obvious in an interview.  These may be “soft skills”, the personal attributes, attitudes and behaviours you would have to live and work with every day.  How do you know if this person is easy to work with or tough?

Some Soft Skills to be alert to:

  • Would you know if this person is trustworthy, just through an interview? Having someone reliable can boost your bottom line, no matter the position.
  • Would you know that he or she is edgy or frightened at the drop of a hat? This can create real workplace problems.
  • Can the person persevere to achieve a given goal, or will they become too distracted to finish things?  Could you tell if the person can get results and complete projects?
  • This person speaks well, but what if the slightest thing sets him off, causing upset everywhere he goes? Will he upset his co-workers?
  • She seems really certain of herself. Does this indicate that she is too stubborn to follow directions or accept the ideas of others?
  • There are many more aspects of peoples’ personalities that show up once you begin working with them.

Would you know? Could you know? Maybe you need a special X-ray machine that lets you look inside a person, not to see the bones, but to see the “bones” of their personality.

Before you make that final decision, ask me what you should do.

I have the tool you need to make an informed decision, and hire a valuable employee with the right “bones”.


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