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How to tell if they DO have a clue.

October 28, 2014

now hiringIt’s unfortunate that this picture makes us smile.  Humor is often a recognition of some outness we can reject, so there must be some truth in the original idea.  And sadly there is.

People without a clue cause trouble for all.  They aren’t sufficiently PRESENT to get the job done.  They don’t really hear what they have been told to do or how to do it, and are likely to start off blindly with what they think is required.  Or they have a preconceived idea of what they thought they heard you say.  Or maybe they have the viewpoint they know better than anyone about what needs to be done or should be done.

None of these scenarios are conducive to success in business.  A company’s goal is to reach targets and achieve viability. Having people aboard who don’t contribute to that is counter-productive, and downright risky.

It’s covered under the idea of correct estimation and attention. One must have their attention ON the scene at hand and be able to estimate what would then need to be done.

To be successful, one must be able to size up a scene correctly and accurately enough to then be in a position to make a good decision. This point measures the ability of the person to correctly estimate people and circumstances. Not everyone is clueless, but knowing in advance helps, doesn’t it?

If you want an Accurate picture of any person you are considering, use the U-TEST!


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