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Test your people knowledge

October 10, 2014


Could you be fooled?

If you are going to work with people you should know about them; their attributes and behaviors.  An in-depth understanding of people can ensure your goals get achieved, for each project or the whole company.

How well do you know what a given person will do?

Candidate or employee, here’s a check of some key personality points.  Check it over, test your know-how.

  1. It’s possible to know enough about a candidate during an interview or two. True? or False?
  2. What percentage of a group can you count on to get the job done?  20%?  60%?  100%?
  3. What percentage of any group is truly destructive to the group’s survival?  2%?  10%?  20%?
  4. What is the key indicator that a person WILL be destructive? Tone?  Track Record?
  5. What would show most clearly that you could trust someone? Experience?  Certainty?
  6. What is the average tone of reliable people? Cheerful?  Conservative?
  7. How can you tell when a person is likely to be focused?  Looks? Performance?
  8. What trait shows an ability to get things done?  Stability?  Drive? 
  9. Can a person really change?  Yes/No
  10. An emotional person probably won’t do a good job.  True? or False?

How did you do?  Email me your answers and I’ll send you a brief rundown on each point.  Feel free to ask me questions, too.  I promise you will be smarter for the effort.

Lorraine Taylor
Admin & Marketing
Accurate U-MAN Hiring Inc.
B-2800 Douglas Road
Burnaby, BC V5C 5B7
T: 604-568-7442 F: 604-568-7448

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