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Have you found out WHO is Attached to That Resume?

July 8, 2014

resume handed to uIt’s looking good…

Or is it?   Of course you need resumes before  even considering a candidate for any opening.

How often have you seen a fabulous resume and then skimped on doing a thorough interview as you were so certain you have the right person? Or worse, you’ve conducted a hiring interview with the intention of ensuring this person gets hired.

After all, you read the resume carefully, didn’t you?

In other words, not just omitting to ask enough probing questions, you could overlook a little something here and perhaps a not-so-little something there. And you still don’t know who the person is.

Remember, you’ve read the resume; it’s everything you want it to be and more. The person has more experience than anyone you have had for the position; the level of training is higher than required; fabulous recommendations; the list could go on and on.

Have YOU been fooled?

But, you are NOT Hiring a Resume! Keep that in mind, and you will have the correct balance of information to make a decision.

Take a look at your record, how often have you been captivated by a superb resume, only to find you did not GET the person you envision from reading and then hiring THAT resume.

Look for the other important attributes. A great resume with a not-so-great attitude or even a bad attitude will often end up being a problem for you. And maybe someone helped that person write that glowing resume you just hired.

Keep in mind you’re hiring someone in the flesh regardless of what it says on paper. Testing can give you the whole picture.

Choose U-MAN

In the realm of hiring and keeping personnel, having the right person is key. You need staff that will contribute to the overall success of your company. It is no longer feasible to use your company as a training ground, with a revolving door through personnel, costing you TIME and MONEY, not to mention your NERVES. Find out BEFORE you make a mistake the risks and benefits in choosing someone to do the job well and fit with your company. U-MAN CAN HELP.


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