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Do Your Employees Share Your Goals?

January 15, 2014




A new year is already under way.  

This is the time old goals are dug out, dusted off and inspected for past success or failures.  Based on that, new goals can be set.

 A big part of your planning for this year’s productivity includes those who will carry out your vision, your employees.  People are an integral part of it all. 

 I am sure you have at some point, experienced times when a group comes together as a team; works well together and enjoys the satisfaction of then reaching the goals set out. 

 In such a group, conflicts are few and easily worked out; there is confidence that all is possible.  Coming to the workplace is a joy and staff eagerly look forward to the day’s tasks. They do them well, with few mistakes.   Each can be counted on to play his or her  part.

All too often – at least 20% of the time – there are problems that cut across the operations.  Mistakes and counter-creative actions, when added up can slow your progress and productivity. Sometimes the whole project has to be scrapped or becomes detrimental to the company.  When it all comes together, success is assured.

Testing and Assessment for fit, productivity and attitude. That’s the way to get beyond any social veneer or slick promise of loyalty.

 Find out today WHO in your group is with the program and WHO might be intentionally or unintentionally working to bring it down. Make this year your best ever.  We can help.

Lorraine Taylor




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