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What is Qualified Anyway?

November 15, 2013


What is a “Qualified” candidate anyway?

As an employer, you need qualified people, there is no doubt.   But how do you define qualified?  Experience?  Training?  Then why do these sometimes turn out to be such a disaster after you hire them?

It’s true, qualifications ARE important; past experience can make a big difference in the smooth transition of newly appointed to fitting in well with your company, getting the job done well.

But how often do you hire based on experience and fire based on personality?

Maybe we should re-look at what is a qualified person?

  • Qualifications mean nothing if the person doesn’t fit with the rest of the group, or has habits or traits that irritate you or others in your group.  Does your company need high drive, get the job done now people?  Real attention to detail?  Out-going,  people person?  A leader?  In today’s world references won’t give you much information so how do you solve this?
  • Another person MAY have the qualifications listed on paper, but has the person actually performed well in those positions?  I’ve seen where a person has ALL the qualifications required, only to fail utterly because the idea of productivity never entered the picture.  They like the “status” of position but coast along without fully contributing, riding on the coattails of others.  Or GET IN THE WAY!
  • What if the person has interest and maybe SOME experience, but has a great ability to learn?  In some people, experience and past qualifications lead to a fixed idea.  You need the person to do something a little different, and that fixed idea will stump you as to why what you want doesn’t occur.  But a quick learner could fill the gap rather nicely.
  • Or this person might have attributes that would make fitting in smooth, no matter the inadequacies of past experience.  This can manifest itself when you have a scene where the last person had to be fired.  You need someone who would, just by presence alone, smooth out the waters, helping to eliminate the distractions the last person created.

The old adage of needing to have experience to get experience can be cast aside when testing can show the true qualities of anyone.  You can have freedom of choice.  Steer your ship in the direction it needs to go for victory! Make sure you have a testing system that can give you this information, and your success rate will rise.

And by the way, we have such a system.

Lorraine Taylor


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