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Have YOU hired a zombie?

October 30, 2013


Or maybe a witch? Pretty scary idea, isn’t it?

Do you know?

Maybe you’ve chosen somebody who looked good in the interview, but just didn’t pan out.   Not enough work gets done; or they spend too much time conjuring up excuses for non production.

Have you ever fallen into this trap when you hired new personnel?  You advertise, handle mountains of applications; work for days in interviews, negotiations, internal training, etc., only to find your new employee doesn’t work out.

Or this trap?  Person apparently does well on the current position, but fails  utterly as a supervisor which you have just promoted him or her.

Spooky doesn’t cover what it really does to your overall success, does it?

Behind the mask

That “mask” of socially acceptable ways to get through interviews put you at risk and is not something that is brought out only at Halloween, the dangers lurk throughout the year.

It’s heartbreaking to say the least, but it is a sad fact that not every person works out well

And that is expensive, not only in terms of time and money, but also by distracting the rest of your personnel and the organization as a whole.  Escape the mystery! Avoid the dreaded employee hassles.

When you know who you have, there’ll be nothing scary about it.

Lorraine Taylor

PS.  I value any feedback.  Or, share it with your friends. They may have personnel, too!


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