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Leadership — Who Can Do It?

October 17, 2013


What is leadership?  Who would make a good leader?  How do you know when you have one? Asking these questions will no doubt get you a multitude of answers; a different one from every person you ask.  Continue along this line of questioning and you will find that most feel leadership is a quality that can’t really be defined; that some people are “born leaders” and it’s something that “can’t be trained.”

 Despite this obscurity on what leadership really is, all will agree it is a vital part of business success.  Without those that can lead, a group seldom prospers. 

 What to look for

 A leader must be someone that can “get things done.” They must be able to get others to do their work as well.  It isn’t enough to have someone that is willing to do it all themselves.  If they cannot delegate they will very quickly burn out.  That leaves you looking for another “leader.”  So goes the merry-go-round.

 Education doubtlessly helps, but it is no guarantee you have a leader, even if they hold a Master’s Degree and have attended endless seminars on leadership!  Don’t be fooled by force or aggressiveness. Just because someone is forceful does not mean they are a good leader. You can force a person to work for only so long before they finally revolt and refuse to work. 

 So now, what do you DO? 

 Look at proven production!  Look closely, right down to questioning those that worked under the person.  Did the group begin to prosper after this person started?  What was the overall tone of the group as a result of their leadership.  Was their morale high?  There are many such questions you need to have the answers to before making your final decision.  Key to this are their test results.  The U-TEST, IQ, Aptitude and Leadership Survey are tools that must be used when choosing a leader.  They cut through the mask and get at the true potential of the person.  These, together with an expert ability to check production and references, are essential to choosing the right person. 

 If you need help choosing a leader, U-MAN will be there to assist you.  The subject of leadership has been one of too much controversy.   Don’t let it cut across your success.  Be sure before you hire that next manager.

Lorraine Taylor
U-MAN Recruitment & Assessment


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