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Recognizing High Potential Employees

October 4, 2013

find under microscopeDeveloping new leaders is critically important for a company’s long-term survival. It’s the leader who takes a company or project to the heights expected.  Many instances of how harmful a bad leader can be found everywhere you look. Look in the news!

Before you embark on a complex and expensive development plan, it would be a benefit to know if your employees have the potential to assure success.

What if you could predict the potential for future leadership? Or get behind any facade some person has which fools you and later puts you at risk?

How valuable would it be to know in advance?  Even before you hired them?  Or when you need someone, at the very earliest point of considering future expansion.

Wouldn’t THAT make your long term planning more feasible and likely to become a reality!

Key Characteristics

Recognizing the BASIC characteristics of a leader is possible.  You should know some key traits.  For example.

–         Does the person have enough drive to push through projects to completion?  Too often projects and expansion don’t come into fruition.  Barriers, distractions, problems are sure to crop up; they always do. A good leader can keep everyone on track.  The goal is achieved.

–         Can the person inspire others to productivity?  Will people WANT to work under this leader?  Or, like the hockey team that ultimately ignores their coach, the game is lost.

–         Is the person unlikely to be swayed by opinions and rumors?  Ah, the office politics.  Hard to be free from it.  Yet a good leader doesn’t let it affect sound judgement.

–         Can the person give positive orders that can be followed?  Not critical management.  If you want a good team, make sure that everyone will follow the orders your leader gives.

–         Is the person focused?  Able to keep the goal real?  Will the orders and plans lead to the goal, Can that person inspire one and all?

–         Is the person free from fixed ideas that make change impossible, no matter the need for change? Make sure your leaders can be flexible enough to cope with the existing scene, and not be too rigid to accomplish goals when the situations are real and need to be taken into account.

–         Is there evidence the potential leader really knows the production that should be done in the area. It never works to have a leader who doesn’t have a good grasp of the work that goes into providing your service or product.  Too many new leaders sweep away all that you’ve put in place.

Who have you got?

It’s the underlying PERSON that will do the job or not.  Your future success could be assured or lost just by having chosen the wrong person  Make sure your testing system can reveal ALL these points.  Or, ask us for more info

Lorraine Taylor
U-MAN Recruitment & Assessment


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