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Who SHOULD you trust?

July 10, 2013


We often get requests to help determine the honesty level of a potential hire so I thought I’d give you a little insight on the subject.

How Honest is Honest?

When you look at honesty you can often put importance on the wrong thing.  Let’s say an employee gives an excuse for not showing up for work which turns out to be an untruth. This  can cause you to consider the employee is not honest.  And there’s truth in that.

Another lifts a few of the company’s pens to take to his home office.  Again you see dishonest behavior

Let’s face it there is not a person on the planet that hasn’t given a lame excuse for skipping work sometimes or thought taking a few promotional pens was not an “okay” thing to do.

These types of dishonesty probably won’t cause great harm to your company.

Putting importance on these, and you may end up letting someone go that was otherwise a good employee.  You see,  you found out the person  was “not honest.”

Definitely this is unacceptable behaviour.  And of course frown upon it.  But, what IS important to look for? There’s a deeper dishonesty level to watch out for.


There’s more to a falsehood than “I was sick!  (not really)”.  You have to be much more alert for that employee misdirecting the attention off his or her own errors on the job, by giving you reports of others’ “misbehavior”.  Investigate the report. When this turns out to be false, alarms should be sounding everywhere.

This activity can be very destructive, it is often “hidden” and spotting it is difficult.  The person uses a lot of generalities like “everybody thinks” … some critical statement about an employee, vendor or management person.

Another typical behavior is to blame others for what he/she is doing, couched in a covert friendly “helpful” manner to direct your attention to another.

This type of thing then results in getting someone else into trouble.  It’s often very insidious.  You can’t really see where the trouble is coming from; you only see employees in disagreement and argument.  Crises abound.

Crisis Mode?

Why are you working in “crises mode?”  Who is causing all these difficulties?   You need to know.  I can tell you it is very often NOT the one trying to get something done and making noise about it.  You need to know the difference.

When you look around and find a great deal of harm has been done to your projects or company, it can be very hard to detect.  Look closely, I expect you will be  surprised to find the culprit  may very well be the person that continues to “confide” in you.  Beware the very “secret” aspect about things being forwarded to you.

This can be very frustrating.  You want to trust people.   So who can you trust?  When you know that your peace of mind will escalate.  Maybe we could help.

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