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What IS “work love”?

February 20, 2013

get along


What makes a good working environment?

We all have to work, some more than others.

When you look around, it is certain that  there is a noticeable stress level.  And it’s affecting the work environment.

There’s a myriad of advice available to “fix” upsets when they occur; everything from personal problems, to workplace advice.  Happy weekends, give them lots of gifts, the list is endless.  OK, they are maybe happier, but do they do the work better, increased profitability?  I’d say it appears to not really be working – or there wouldn’t be more coming along every day.  How many ways does it need to worded to be effective?

Let’s look at things a little differently.  There are many underlying factors that affect a work environment.  Determining THE factor to address and fix would make things so much simpler, wouldn’t it”  Here’s some of the contributors:

1.  People who fit

This is a good thing.  What if the people put in place were the right ones?  Ones with the capacity to get along with one  another?  You’d have high productivity, a bottom line that is still high enough to support your efforts.  Get yourself some of these.  If they fit, whatever skills they have will shine for you.

2.  People who DON’T fit

More people don’t fit than are obvious.  Sometimes they get overlooked, with the justification of “that’s just the way things go”.

Don’t accumulate too many staff that don’t want to be there   it ‘s not really their dream job and they are still looking for other work on their own time.   Or they are too disinterested to be able to do a good job.

Maybe you have some who cringe at the slightest loud voice, and everyone you need is high energy!  That person will be too distracted to do a good job!

Some detractors to your productivity and prosperity are those that ride the roller coaster of life.  One day they do well and the next seem down in the mouth for some unknown, unspoken reason.

Do you have upsets and trouble in some areas?  You might have a person who really DOESN’T want you or others to succeed at all.  These sorts take pride in putting others down with words or actions.  Expose them and the mystery and the trouble dissipates.

Beware the person who is friendly to your face, but behind your back cuts you up.  They are not just doing it to you.  It’s a way of life for them.

What to do?

Know BEFORE you go.  A good testing system can detect the risks.  It can also point out attributes you can maximize on.  Check your current staff and definitely screen potential staff.

Insist on a good one.  If yours doesn’t do this, try ours.

You staff will love working for you and you will love the benefits of expansion and productivity!





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