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How to know what’s in store for your company

January 22, 2013

future peopleIf there is one thing difficult to predict  it’s people.  You think you know the person you have working for you.  then unpredictably things change. And since your staff are the largest expense you have, knowing how to predict their actions would be key to your bottom line.   

It’s true all jobs have stresses; many of them vital to the overall health and survival of your organization.  Do your staff have the personal capacity to stand up to the stresses, while making good decisions AND  producing adequately?

Certainly life hits everyone:  personal troubles do exist.  But does the person have the stability needed to weather the storms they face? Knowing this would be very helpful, wouldn’t it?

There are things that are rather obvious:  steadfastness, enthusiasm, earnestness, a cheery outlook and of course skills.

But did you know there are certain performance issues not so obvious at first glance?   These  fall under the category soft skills and particularly,  intention.  When you can detect someone’s intentions, you can circumvent problems.

You’ll need answers to these sorts of quandaries.

What if the person has the idea that “doing  the minimum amount required to get through the day and collect pay” is good enough? Is that good enough for a company’s survival.

Some people hide behind a smile, having intentions to get the best of others.  Seemingly they are trustworthy, yet somehow you may even sense some sort of false front.  It’s not always easily detectable.

Then there are the few that harbor hidden distrust of everyone and take any chance to get the best of others.  Their actions are insidious and deliberate. And deadly to your success.

There are those who are too stuck in their ways; not really a complication unless you need to make changes, or want someone who can think on their feet quickly.

So, CAN you know what to expect of a person?  OK, 100% is unobtainable, we “all know that”, but there are tests that can give you a pretty good picture of how a person will operate in any given job situation.  Make liberal use of assessments and you will have the upper hand in knowing what is in store for you.  I am always available to answer questions and give directions!

Lorraine Taylor


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