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Five things a Manager should be able to do.

October 3, 2012

ImageAny Executive or Manager in your organisation has a major influence on the productivity of the whole group. It is therefore important to get the right person for the job.

Planning Ability

An Executive must have the ability to look at his organisation, division or department from the long-term strategic point of view. It is vital that such people have enough focus to be able to control the overall direction of the business, whilst also managing the day-to-day activities which need immediate attention.

This is a special skill, which not everyone possesses, and is very hard to detect during an applicant interview. This management attribute is normally gauged via the references supplied, but these are not always a reliable indicator.

Simple Solutions

Every staff member faces problems in their work, but an Executive’s correctness in resolving the problems that come up in their area will have an affect over a much wider sphere of the organisation. It is therefore vital that this skill be finely honed.

Finding simple solutions to the day-to-day operational and administrative problems which will face the Manager, requires the ability to take on an exterior viewpoint — to be able to see the overall picture. Some people cannot do this, and will often find “solutions” which later turn out to be new problems!  Make sure any evaluation you do will be able to tell you if your applicants have this important ability.

People Management

 It goes without saying that a Manager must be able to get the job done through other people. Can they relate to people and understand their viewpoint? Do they have enough drive to ensure that the message gets through? Can they evaluate people’s performance accurately? Will they suddenly explode, unable to control their “short fuse”?   These and many other very important people management skills must be clearly pinpointed in the results of any analysis.

Decision Making

Anybody can make a decision, but some do it faster than others, and with more certainty. And not everyone can make a majority of correct decisions. More importantly, if an Executive knows that the right decision will be “unpopular”, he needs to be tough enough to make it anyway, despite the consequences and reactions he may generate (and not lose too much sleep over it).  Making tough decisions is often a daily activity for a Manager. You need to know how well your applicants can do this.

Energy and Initiative

Most management positions require the person have a high degree of energy available to face the day. Some people enjoy that challenge, and have the necessary initiative to get things started, without having to be pushed.

The U-TEST can tell you, with certainty, if your applicants have these abilities, or if they would be more suited to some quiet, less energetic occupation!  Find out more at

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