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Considering Internal Hiring?

August 15, 2012

Hiring internally is one way to save money when looking for the talent you need to survive well and expand throughout any recession, as taken up by Time Magazine. Internal Hiring is on the Rise

Still, you should know how important it is to really be sure if the person you are considering can and will do the best job possible. 

Too often that person who performs well on the job they have is NOT suited for the increased duties, stress and responsibility.

Any promotion brings about changes.  With change can come turmoil great or small; long or short lived.

Some possible scenarios:

  • A person on a new position often feels changes must be done – sometimes sweeping away unnoticed successful actions
  • Attitude changes happen – the person feels superior now and mishandles former ties and associates; never a good idea
  • Successful actions get dropped from the former position; can be risky. Someone had to take on the old duties – maybe an unfamiliar area for them, too.

If you are going to do this, you should first really observe the operations and make note of everything successful. You can revert any change if you can pinpoint exactly what happened, and handle accordingly.

Your best bet?  Treat it like a new hire, don’t assume you know enough about that particular person. Test for attitude, personality strengths or weaknesses, performance potential and capacity and you’ll minimize those risks and hazards.

Count on your employes!  But know them first!  And maybe we could help.


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