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Plan Before You Act

July 13, 2012


Personnel planning is a vital part of the success of any company.  Properly done the work environment becomes smooth and production can occur. All aspects must be coordinated and taken into account: candidates, existing staff and those being considered for promotion or transfer. These and many other personnel problems can cause chaos, lost production, lost customers and lost profits!

When hiring personnel one must always consider training, experience and suitability.  Resumes often portray the idea the person is already well trained and has all the experience necessary to do the job. Why is it that after extensive reference checks the new employee doesn’t seem to be able to perform the tasks they claimed they were “trained” on?

New personnel are usually added in an attempt to help alleviate overloaded personnel. Yet the work is still not getting done.  Adding more is not necessarily the solution to that problem—getting the right personnel onto the right positions would be far more productive.

Far too often personnel are transferred around to “fill holes”—taking good personnel from areas that are working well to “solve” personnel problems in other areas.  There is no guarantee that a person doing well at one job will automatically do well in another position.  You need to know the full extent of their potential.

Personnel can be promoted beyond their abilities as well.  Do you really know if the person has the capabilities to take on more responsibility or would stand up well to the stress of that new senior job?

Being in a position where you need to “down-size” means you have not manned your company correctly and very likely have overburdened and underburdened personnel.  Both situations cause the same problem – shrinkage!

And how many times have you heard (or perhaps thought)–I made more profit when I was smaller!  With less headache!

And if that isn’t enough your good personnel are being lost to the competition for bigger pay better rewards etc.

All of these problems are related to personnel.  Believe it.  Getting the right person in the right place, making sure the employees are productive and get the results you expect of them takes planning on your part.

There is a right way to deal with these personnel errors:

  •  Assess what you have.
  • Figure out if they should be promoted and if so to where.
  • Really work out what it is you are trying to produce.  What results are you looking for?  Spend some time working out the description of the job before you hire, or transfer.
  • Don’t assume that a staff member successful in one area will be successful in another.  Get them assessed and be sure

There are many grave errors in personnel management that can cause havoc and chaos but with proper personnel planning and really sizing it up, using good assessments of what you have, clear ideas of what you will need and continued training you can increase productivity and morale in your group.


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