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Assess What You Have

June 22, 2012



Before you consider taking on new personnel you should first assess the staff you already have and compare the results to production records  In this way you will be able to ascertain who could take on more responsibility, who needs help, who are your top producers and much more.  This can clearly show where the overloads really are and where new staff will need to be placed.

It is helpful to assess your most productive staff to get an idea of the key traits that make them successful.  Then, when hiring new personnel, you will know what you need to look for. U-MAN has done many such assessments and over the past many years have developed profiles for key positions.

Additionally, one can use an assessment service to bring about more complete annual reviews.  It will help you learn more about the personnel you have, i.e. their strengths and weaknesses. In all cases your ability to manage or motivate your staff will be markedly increased through having the full picture.

If you have any of the following situations in your company, you should definitely consider doing a full assessment of your staff:

¨     Low morale within the company
¨      Internal “politics” distracting personnel
¨      Disagreements between employees and management
¨      Low production levels
¨      Staff that were more productive in the past
¨      Difficulties creating team work
¨      Customer complaints
¨      Tension in the work environment
¨      Failures to meet deadlines
¨      Projects taking too long

Assessments are not only for use when things are going wrong.  It is important to assess what is going right as well. Either way the resulting increased confidence to make decisions will be worth the time and money expended.


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